I have been in the saltwater fishing world for 30 plus years. During that time I have had the honor to work with some of the best captains in the industry, own numerous boats, operate a very successful charter operation, and spend thousands of hours fishing.  I have fished from Ocean City, MD all the way around to Texas.  The picture to the right is my current boat that me, my lovely wife and wonderful son spend many hours on each year searching for striper, tuna, mahi, wahoo, marlin, sea bass, cobia, spades, flounder and anything else that will bite a hook.  I am also a disabled veteran that proudly served in the US Navy.

Because we have a concentration on custom built items we are always open to your input.  With the rod building build slots you have about 80% of the input.  We supply the blank size with butt, you chose the rest including fore grip, guides, tip, and colors.  Also with the custom lures we can let you select skirts to go on the heads.  If you looking for a custom color sea witch we can help out with that as well, just let us know.

Thank you to everyone that has worked with us and we look forward to your continued support and business.

Jim Davison